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Watch: TSN’s Feature on hartnelldown, the Hartnell Rap, and the Hart Trick

Apr 17, 2012, 6:24 PM EDT

We never get tired of how much Scott Hartnell, his teammates, and even his family can enjoy a little fun at his expense.

Via HockeyWebcast, we’re treated to this clip that aired on TSN featuring Scott Hartnell and the #hartnelldown phenomenon. By now, most Flyers fans know the origins—a fan named Seth Hastings (@sethDH) had some fun on twitter at Hartnell’s expense, chirping him for the frequency with which he unintentionally made his way to the ice, often without being touched. Hartnell was initially like wtf, but quickly found the humor in it, embraced it, and named his foundation after it. 

Pretty amazing to see players and fans interact in a spontaneous, collaborative way, not to mention productively contributing to charitable efforts—all while having a laugh. The popularity of #hartnelldown on social media has no doubt benefitted the foundation’s efforts, and it’s been discussed on in-game telecasts around the league, as well as in the All-Star festivities. There’s even a shirt named after the Hart Trick, which Levelers may have had a hand in naming. Who knows. 

Video below. 

The teammates getting on him may be the highlight of a pretty entertaining bit. 
In a season filled with young faces and newcomers of all ages, Hartnell has had an obvious gelling effect on the Flyers locker room. On the ice, it probably doesn’t hurt his pest alter ego that nothing seems to really bother him this season; he can laugh off most things, even a hairpull, throw down when he needs to, and raise his hands up to pump the crowd afterward. 
Hartnell’s having a career season in the goal-scoring department, but that’s not the only reason he’s become a permanent fan favorite in Philly. 

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