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Pedro Martinez Talks Snowmobiles, Charlie Manuel, and How He Misses the Phillies

Aug 5, 2010, 2:45 PM EDT

Pedro.Rocky700 We had the opportunity to sit down with former Phillies pitcher and general baseball legend Pedro Martinez today in New York City to talk about where he’s at in his career and how he feels about the Phillies organization. It was a wide ranging conversation that touched on many aspects of his career but certainly centered on his time with the Phils last season. We’ll have a full write up of our chat with Pedro, but thought you’d enjoy this teaser video, perhaps our favorite moment from the conversation. [video below]

In the below video, I asked Pedro about something he said last fall when he was scheduled to pitch game 3 out in snowy Colorado for the NLDS. You may notice in my question I said he pitched out there, but Charlie actually opted to go with JA Happ after a postponement.

I also showed him a photo on my iPhone.

Look for much more of our chat with Pedro shortly.

Props on the snowmobile Photoshop work to digi.

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