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70s Night at the Bank: Hot Pants Patrol Revival, and Ryan Howard Is Indeed a Pimp

Aug 29, 2009, 10:58 AM EDT

Sure it’s gimmicky, but if you can’t get a laugh out of 70s nights at MLB ballparks, you may be trying too hard. I chuckled like a Phillies grandma when I saw the pictures of the guys PS’d with ridiculous 70s gear, especially a normally stoic guy like Chase Utley decked out in Saturday Night Fever gear (which, oddly enough, Shane Victorino still rocks). Phanatic hot pants patrol

We also got to see the revival of the Hot Pants Patrol, a moment in Phillies history we wish were celebrated more than once a year. Hot pants patrol

Never mind that dude on the right, screwing up the frame. 

But perhaps the best mash-up moment from last night’s promotion was seeing Ryan Howard decked out in pimp gear, just a second before he got his pimp on, blasting his first of two homers on the night. 

70s Ryan Howard

We even got to hear Wheels recite the lyrics of Shaft. Next up was Jayson Werth, whom Wheels believed evoked thoughts of the Beatles during their “yoga phase.” 

70s Jayson Werth

Here’s Utley:

70s Chase Utley

Does that not look familiar, Shane? And, speaking of the Hawaiian…

70s Shane Victorino

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