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Are These the La Salle Student Rollouts for Tonight?

Jan 18, 2012, 11:50 AM EDT

In which a Temple University graduate gets pithy in response to La Salle students being pithy.

We turned onto these by John Lamb of OwlsBlog via a message board post on

Some guy is claiming that the La Salle student section posted these rollout texts on their own message board. No word as to whether these are real or not, or if La Salle will even bring a section tonight (sometimes it’s just the band and the Explorer in the corner of the upper deck — Yes, I know you’re actually coming. I’m even happy about it.).

Rollouts below:

– Does This Mean We’re Better Than Duke?
– Temple: For Those That Don’t Care About College

– The Only School In Philly In A Worse Neighborhood Than Ours

– Dunphy: The Ultimate Sell-Out

– You Can’t Win WIthout A La Salle Grad

– I Stayed At That Weird Hotel You Have On Campus And Caught A Skin Disease

– By Percentage, Less People Care About Your Team Than They Do Ours

Responses from a Temple University graduate (me) in order:

– No

– Really?

– No

– Really?

– John Chaney

– The Divine Lorraine stands vacant at Broad and Fairmount. Temple’s main campus goes no further south than Jefferson. If you’re referencing the Conwell Inn, how dare you.

– That’s actually clever (right on), but still questionable.

See you tonight.