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Au Contraire: Temple Was in ‘One Shining Moment’ … Sort of

Apr 9, 2013, 10:47 AM EDT

The narrative on Twitter last night following last night’s national final was that Villanova got two clips and La Salle one, while Temple was snubbed from CBS’ annual ‘One Shining Moment’ tournament wrap-up.

Well, ‘Nova, which played one game, did get two bumming shots — one of Arcidiacono and Hilliard walking off the floor and one of Arch bleeding.


La Salle, a 13-seed which won three games and advanced to the Sweet 16
for the first time in 58 years, got a nice celebration shot, although
our beloved Southwest Philly Floater did not make the cut. (Isn’t a
moment like that supposed to be what this video is for?)


Not in the video but photo via USA Today Images

And as for the Temple Owls, well, they did make the video, right at the 1:56 mark. You can see flashes of black and cherry jerseys as Indiana’s Victor Oladipo bangs home a wide-open three from the top of the arc to ice the game.

Sorry, had to. And Temple is there.

The thing we’re actually quibbling over is that Khalif Wyatt — who didn’t close out on Oladipo but did finish as the leading scorer of the tournament, averaging 31 a game — was not featured.

At least Wells Fargo got a lot of love with all the Florida Gulf Coast highlights. Remember them? They were a thing before Kevin Ware’s tibia died.

CSN producer Rob Kuestner summed it up nicely: