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Hey La Salle Fans, Get to Know the Kid You’re Going to Hate: Ole Miss’ Marshall Henderson

Mar 23, 2013, 2:55 PM EDT

He exhibits the on-court demeanor of a borderline sociopath, shoots with no regard for efficiency, openly shit talks opposing players and coaches, and looks like Sid from Toy Story.

He’s Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson and he meets La Salle on Sunday.

If you’re unfamiliar with his body of work — SEC basketball doesn’t get a ton of play in Philadelphia — Henderson leads the 12-seed Rebels with 20 points per game. That’s the least entertaining thing about him. Let’s dive right in.

Here he is (via probasketballtalk) taunting and getting flipped off by angry Auburn fans (with a full breakdown of the gif here):

Here he is (via gifulmation) doing the Gator Chomp during the second half of the SEC title game against Florida:

Here he is doing his signature “Land Shark” hand gesture (photo credit USA Today Images):


Here he is trash talking a fake Twitter account allegedly belonging to Kentucky’s Ryan Harrow (bear in mind this is not Harrow’s actual account, although Henderson assumed it was):


Here are his postgame remarks from after the aforementioned SEC title game, when he was a bit hung up on his status as an all-conference second-teamer:


Here he is getting chided by LeBron James for going 6-for-21 from the field and 3-for-12 in Ole Miss’ upset of fifth-seeded Wisconsin on Friday:

Here he is (via TheBigLead) celebrating his upset win over 5-seed Wisconsin on Friday (that’s yesterday) at a McFadden’s in Kansas City:


And here’s La Salle’s D.J. Peterson, already mocking Henderson, after the Explorers knocked off Kansas State on Friday (photo credit USA Today Images):


If you dislike fun, you will hate Marshall Henderson.