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Meet Ty Garland’s Cousin Bern on the Playground Where He Spent Most of His Days

Mar 26, 2013, 12:23 PM EDT

NBC10 caught up with La Salle guard Ty Garland’s now famous Cousin Bern on the playground where the Southwest Philly Floater was honed. He talked about the pair of cousins balling all day as youngsters and explained the now famous shot.

“All the Floater is, it’s a little guy shot. You make the adjustments, it’s something that can’t be simulated on the court.
It’s all about putting arc on the ball, getting over the defender,” he
said. “Every good guard from Southwest Philly had one, so we started
calling it that shot.”

Sadly, we only get one quick soundbite from Cousin Bernard Tyler, but 97.5 the Fanatic also had a solid interview with him yesterday

If you want to hear more from Garland himself, he was on 94 WIP yesterday and shared some great stories about playground ball in Philly.


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