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Penn-La Salle (Rollout) Recap: Penn Frats Hate Basketball?

Jan 11, 2012, 11:39 AM EDT

Updates on the Penn Quakers, La Salle Explorers and something about what may or may not be "Recruitment Boot Camp."

Don’t look now, but the La Salle Explorers are playing defense and the sky is black and the sun is about to consume itself and all other matter within its general area. Alright, well, the other things aren’t true yet, but they can’t be far behind given the overnight reinvention of Dr. G’s basketball program up on Olney.

Meet the 13-4 La Salle Explorers. They play defense, listen to their coach, and, oh yeah, win basketball games. Their 68-57 victory over the Penn Quakers last night is their sixth in a row, and 11th in their last 12. The win moves them to 1-1 in Big 5 play, with matchups against Temple and St. Joe’s still on the schedule.

Moving back to the A10, the Explorers will head out on the road this Saturday to meet a Dayton Flyer team that just took down the Temple Owls at Temple, a feat no team had pulled off in two years. The game should prove a good test for just how talented La Salle really is, and if their new-found confidence can translate to in-conference travel.

Update on the Penn Quakers and something about what may or may not be “Recruitment Boot Camp” below…

As for Penn, well, they continue to struggle, struggles generated no doubt by their imposing out of conference schedule. With the exception of bad home losses to Wagner and James Madison, which actually prevents them from merely being a product of that schedule, their other losses are to two Top-25s, three Big 5 rivals, and to UCLA and Davidson on the road. None of those are awful by any stretch of the imagination, its just that those aforementioned home losses don’t do much to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Individually, Zack Rosen continues to make his case for being the greatest guard in the program’s history. Tuesday night, he was honored prior to the game for passing his own coach Jerome Allen for the top spot on the all-time Quaker assist list. Unfortunately, his performance wouldn’t be enough to overcome the Explorers, whose defense has made its living of late by shutting down their opponent’s leading scorer. Rosen would finish with a season-low eight points. Sophomore Fran Dougherty led all Quakers with a career-high 14 off the bench.

And, now, for what you’re all here to see, the Red & Blue Crew student rollouts from last night. As we weren’t in the building for his one, we had to do some scouring via Twitter to see just how the clever the Ivy Leaguers could be with paint and long sheets of paper. Thankfully, Jonathan Tannenwald of the Inquirer kept up with at least a few of them, including an odd banner about Rush Week on campus (more below). If you’re a member of the Red & Blue crew, or were just in the house last night and remember other rollouts we didn’t hear about, let us know.


— “Most Accomplished Explorer: Dora”

— “Congrats Zack, #1 in Assists (Sorry Jerome)

— “RBC (Red and Blue Crew) Rush 2012 / 18 to Dunk, 21 to Drunk”

That last one seemed like something we might want to know about, so we’ve done our best to do a little digging (we texted some people). Tannewald’s twitter feed indicated at the time that it could very well have been a dig at the Penn student body for holding rush events during, rather than after, a Big 5 game. As someone who, thanks to well-connected friend, attended both a Penn-Temple game and a Penn rush event on the same evening in 2009, I can attest that this is not the first time the events have overlapped.

In an update, with thanks to commenter “Quaker,” we now know RBC stands for Red
and Blue Crew (duh) and not, as we originally feared thanks to Google,
Recruitment Boot Camp.

Either way, it’s actually somewhat surprising that there is a problem at all. A basketball game that starts at 7 p.m. should wrap up some time between 9 and 9:30. Really, how is this even an issue?

We don’t know. We’re not good at these things. We’re not Greek People. We just drink Natty Light and and play GameCube and wear frayed visors upside-down and pointed to the side and oh no…