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Quotable: Charles Barkley Admits Receiving Money From Agents While at Auburn

Sep 17, 2010, 1:20 PM EDT

NCAA athletes and the lack of compensation they receive is always an interesting topic of debate. One guy who isn’t afraid to say how he feels about it is Charles Barkley who recently admitted on the Dan Patrick show to taking money while he was in college, “If a guy wants to borrow money from an agent because he’s poor, what is wrong with that?”

“Nobody can tell me what is wrong with that. I got money from agents when I was in college and I went in the ’80s. Most of the players I know borrowed money from agents. The colleges don’t give us anything. If they give us a pair of sneakers, they get in trouble. Why can’t an agent lend me some money and I’ll pay him back when I graduate?” Barkley said.

Charles was discussing Reggie Bush’s decision to give back the Heisman Trophy, one Chuck doesn’t agree with. You can listen to the audio at and read more over at The Dagger.