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Steve Addazio Has No Time for Maryland, Plenty of Time for OL Wayne Tribue

Sep 7, 2011, 12:14 PM EDT

Steve Addazio gets snarky in response to questions regarding the University of Maryland's Week 1 uniforms. Hilarity ensues.

If you consume sports in literally any way—and since you’re here, you probably do—then there’s a good chance you may have heard at least something about the University of Maryland’s football jerseys.

Picking up on the “let’s wear crazy Week 1 uniforms” trend, the team donned their brand new “Maryland Pride” alternates Monday night against the University of Miami. The jerseys, if you can’t tell, were designed as a tribute to the Maryland state flag and donated by the school’s uniform sponsor, Under Armour.

For whatever reason, the threads have faced a whole boatload of criticism and been almost universally reviled.

As another school sponsored by Under Armour, is it possible that Philly’s own Temple University could be in line for something like this? Or, even this?

The Inquirer’s Keith Pompey asked head coach Steve Addazio that exact question toward the end of his Tuesday morning press conference. Hilarity Ensued. From Pompey:

“You want my honest answer?”  Addazio initially said. “I don’t care. Honestly, Keith, all I really care about and want is for [Temple right guard] Wayne Tribune to rock off the ball and hit you so freaking hard, and you get knocked back three yards. All that other stuff I’m not really interested in.”

It might be wise to clarify that the “you” was probably more of a plural “you” and not “you, Keith Pompey.” Either way, “you” ask him about jerseys, and he calls out an offensive lineman.

Something tells me Addazio’s weekly media luncheons will be a continuing source of material. If not, you can always watch this video of one-time candidate for Stark County treasurer Phil Davison and get roughly the same effect.

Honestly, the first time I saw Addazio speak, between the intensity and the frequent pacing and the never-being-behind-the-podium, it was near impossible not to think of this video. That said, by contrast, Addazio seems to actually know what he’s talking about, and has a track record as a winner, not that we’re, uh, implying anything about the 2010 treasurer’s race.

Ladies and gentleman, Phil Davison.

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