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The American Athletic Conference Released Its New Logo, I Picked Its New Mascot

May 30, 2013, 9:53 AM EDT


I made the conscious decision to spend my life covering/following college football and basketball, and I’ve spent the last three months writing and re-writing conference realignment columns because the paragraphs were borderline incomprehensible.

Well these schools are going to be in the New Big East and these schools are the Old Big East, but that conference doesn’t have a name yet, and the New Big East and the Old Big East reached a financial settlement so that the New Big East (which is really comprised of the older Big East schools anyway) could keep the Big East name.

So here’s the list of who’s going where to make it easy.

The American Athletic Conference (OR the leftover Big East football schools – future departures + new additions):

Temple, UConn, Cincinnati, USF, Memphis, UCF, SMU, Houston, Louisville (leaving for the ACC in 2014), Rutgers (leaving for the Big Ten in 2014), East Carolina (coming in 2014), Tulane (2014), Tulsa (2014), Navy (2015)

The Big East (OR the former Big East’s seven basketball-only schools + new additions):

Villanova, Georgetown, St. John’s, Marquette, Providence, Seton Hall, DePaul, Xavier, Butler, Creighton

Other than the who’s-playing-where confusion, the logo’s pretty not bad. Here’s the official statement from the conference:

PROVIDENCE – The American Athletic Conference unveiled its new logo and marks today, giving the reinvented conference a new visual identity. The creation of the logo and marks is a part of the ongoing branding of The American, formerly known as the Big East. The new logo features a simple, athletic letter A in red, white and blue, which each institution can customize with its own colors.“As with the creation of our name, we worked directly with our institutions, sports marketing experts, media partners and design agencies to create and evaluate a variety of logo options,” said Commissioner Mike Aresco. “We took our preferred marks to each institution within our conference for an open forum with school presidents, athletic directors and student athletes to get their input. The elegant, athletic and classic letter A with the unique star inside and AMERICAN underneath was unanimously chosen by every institution. We believe this bold mark and our series of ancillary marks will support our conference name and the values that our name represents. In addition, our partners at ESPN and CBS agree that its strength, simplicity and elegance will resonate well on TV,” concluded Aresco.

The American Athletic Conference and Big East officially part ways on July 1. Word is this guy’s going to be the American’s new mascot: