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Wasting No Time, 37-Year-Old Temple Football Coach Matt Rhule Is Making ‘Before I Die’ Promises

Jan 24, 2013, 2:59 AM EDT

Is new Temple football coach Matt Rhule the kind of guy who’s going to invoke his mortality in his first public address since his introductory press conference?

You’re goddamn right he is.
During the first half of basketball Owls’ latest uninspiring effort — a 76-69 win over a 19.5-point underdog and now 3-15 Penn squad — Rhule, 37, walked on the floor during a timeout, was given a microphone, started out pretty conventionally, and then, from out of nowhere, hit those in attendance with a “Before I die.”
It went from “This is nice, I like him” to “Oh SHIT!” in something like .2 seconds.
We lack available audio and/or video, but the talking points progressed more or less like this:
1. Excited to be here.
2. This is a great place, because you people make it a great place.
3. “Before I die, we will put a trophy on this campus.”

Exactly which trophy was not explicitly stated, but the fact that he went straight to death right out of the box has to be a plus.

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