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While Most of Philly Unites, Area Bar Uses Big Tourney Day to Mock the Hawk

Mar 22, 2013, 2:39 PM EDT

With three Philadelphia teams playing in the NCAA Tournament today, it’s a pretty great time for the city to come together and support all of the local schools. Brotherly love and all that stuff. Or, if you’re a bar in Havertown, use the opportunity to mock one of the team’s that failed to make it to the big dance.

It’s classic Big Five, really. Most support one another when not facing each other, but then the (likely) Temple and Villanova fans of the world also use the chance to mock Phil Martelli and his Hawks. We hear their golf game is also lacking this year.

The above photo is from outside of McGillicuddy’s in Havertown. Taken by and used with permission of @WiffleBall1.

As a refresher, St. Joe’s season ended on a brutal buzzer beater in the NIT on Tuesday. Too chilly out for golf anyway. I’d suggest hitting the local pub to watch some hoops on the TV. Maybe order some frys.