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Women’s Basketball Has the Potential to SaveDoom the Big East?

Oct 11, 2011, 3:28 PM EDT

Does women's basketball hold the key to saving Big East football?

With the Big-12 and Big East scrambling to win the award for the “next-to-least-viable” football conference, the Inquirer’s Mike Jensen is highlighting some news that may surprise you.

Many will remember that Villanova’s possible move to the Big East last fall was complicated by not only stadium logistics, but also certain legal—and, ultimately, financial—obstacles tied to Title IX.

Less than one year later, women’s athletics might again be shaping the course of Big East football.

From Jensen:

“The Big East needs eight football members playing women’s basketball and others sports within the league. Just adding football-only members to replace defectors won’t keep the league in business. This increases the odds Temple will get in for all sports. (It also explains why Villanova remains in a strong position; it could really help the Big East, adding a football school without having to add to the basketball total.)”

We’re all aware that Villanova wouldn’t exactly be thrilled with Temple joining the Big East, especially as an all-sports member, but this seems like a scenario with which all parties could potentially live.

If you’re interested in Temple, Villanova, the future of the Big East, or just realignment in general, the remainder of Jensen’s piece is a great read on the logistics of local programs making some very serious changes.

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