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  1. ESPN’s Crasnick on Burrell

    Jan 9, 2006, 12:18 AM EDT

    "The danger when you enter into a contract of that magnitude is that you’re probably signing a guy at his peak time," an American League executive said. "Your emotions are high and he’s coming off a great year, and you say, ‘We’re not going to move him anyway. Let’s give him a no-trade.’ Three years…

  2. Chris Bosh Has Skills

    Jan 9, 2006, 12:13 AM EDT

    Bosh made 3 ridiculous shots in the final few minutes, including the game winner, to lead the Raptors over the Sixers.  His performance was impressive.  It was an exciting finish, but the Sixers fall to 3-2. >>Video Highlights []>>Bosh’s shot sinks Sixers in Toronto [Inquirer]

  3. More on Super 5 Clothing

    Jan 8, 2006, 11:23 PM EDT

    Joe Conklin designed his own line of McNabb inspired clothing with the tag line "the puke resistant QB fashion line." Fanhouse: Donovan McNabb & Reebok Launch Super Five Clothing Line

  4. WATN: Sixers Former 2nd Rounder Sam Clancy

    Jan 8, 2006, 2:58 PM EDT

    Henry Abbott over at TrueHoop talks with former Sixers 2nd round draft pick Sam Clancy who is currently playing ball in Spain.  Most of us probably don’t remember too much about Sam Clancy.  I remember him most for his role in knocking my Troy Bell-led Boston College squad out of the 2001 NCAA tournament.  It…

  5. Monty Willing to Open Check Book For Soriano

    Jan 8, 2006, 11:50 AM EDT

    PhillyBurbs’ Randy Miller: Sources indicate the Phillies might be willing to pay upwards of $100 million over six years for Soriano, and Gillick confirmed yesterday that team president David Montgomery will approve a big signing. It’s encouraging to see the brass are willing to shell out some cash for top notch players.  Miller’s article also…

  6. Ryan Howard MVP of Japan Tour

    Jan 8, 2006, 9:54 AM EDT

    I was going to leave the headline as Ryan Howard named MVP and leave off the "of Japan Tour" part.  That would have been mean to those of you who see the headlines first in RSS readers.  Alas, Ryan Howard has not been named MVP of the National League, yet at least.  He was however…

  7. The Sixers Are Who We Thought They Were

    Jan 8, 2006, 12:01 AM EDT

    Everybody keeps saying that we don’t have any talent, but we’ve got talent. It’s not the most talented team in the world, but it’s good enough and we have to believe that anybody can beat anyone in this league on any give night. -Kyle Korver after last night’s 97-86 loss to Indiana. Hey, they’re good…

  8. Reebok Launches McNabb’s Super 5

    Jan 7, 2006, 3:17 PM EDT

    Donovan McNabb has a new line from Reebok coming out known as Super 5, a nickname we’ve used for DonnieMac on many occasions. From Reebok, the exclusive on-field and sideline apparel provider of the NFL, has partnered with Eagles All-Pro quarterback Donovan McNabb to create the brand’s first signature men’s apparel collection for an…

  9. Terrell Owens to Tampa Bay?

    Jan 7, 2006, 2:59 PM EDT

    Does it pay to read way too many news articles on the Internet?  ESPN has an article today in which Chris Mortensen said Tampa Bay may "seriously consider signing" Owens. I surfed over to which happens to have odds on which team T.O. will play his first game for next season.  Tampa Bay was…

  10. Trey Anastasio @ Nets Game

    Jan 7, 2006, 12:43 PM EDT

    Check out ESPN’s pictures from last night’s Nets game against the Magic in East Rutherford and you will see one of my favorite musicians had front row seats. Also of note in Phish news, they are releasing many of their shows in low quality video on their Live Phish website.  You can sample the goods…

  11. A Year Ago This Week

    Jan 7, 2006, 9:54 AM EDT

    It was a year ago this week that Andy Reid sent T.O. packing for good.  We had news of the fight between Owens and High Douglas and wrote our Owens obituary titled "We’ll Always Have Dallas:" Then it all came crashing down.  Enter Drew Rosenhaus.   ESPN interview after ESPN interview.  Owens attacking his former best…

  12. Howard Never Stops

    Jan 7, 2006, 8:54 AM EDT

    Bill Conlin gives a nice little run down of the beastly nature of Ryan Howard’s trip to Japan.  In Game 2, after taking his mother and sister on a daytime tour of various Tokyo must-sees, Ryan toured the bases. He led off the second with one of those inside-out lasers to left-center. Kentaro Nishimura, a…