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Ball Pops Out of Darin Ruf’s Glove and Goes Over Fence for a Home Run

Mar 19, 2013, 1:07 PM EDT

Darin Ruf’s adventures in outfielding saw another ugly episode on Monday when a Freddie Freeman flyball took the Phillies left fielder close to the wall. It didn’t really appear like the ball was going to be a home run, but that was before Ruf got his glove on the ball and it proceeded to pop out and head over the fence for a dinger.

Here’s how Sully described it:

In the field, he had an adventure when he tracked down Freddie Freeman’s
drive to the wall in left. The ball, however, ricocheted off of Ruf’s
glove and over the wall for a homer.

He did at least have two doubles at the plate.

But coming into Monday he hasn’t been having the best spring. From NBC’s Dash Treyhorn (probably not his real name):

In 15 games coming into Monday’s game, Ruf had a line
of .205/.300/.341, with one homer, three doubles and seven RBIs. Again,
March stats are for the birds, but he hasn’t done himself any favors
with the bat, especially considering his reputation as a slugger.

Ruf probably just wants his rocky, shaggy, nappy, rugged, and bumpy spring to end.

[watch the ugly Darin Ruf botched flyball / home run here]

via LBS