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Ben Revere Is Trying Really Hard to Assimilate to Philadelphia

Apr 8, 2013, 12:21 PM EDT

Ben Revere is doing his darnedest to try and make himself a new beloved member of the Philadelphia Phillies. He’s talking about cheesecake, or cheesesteaks — one or the other. He’s eating brunch at legit local joints and tweeting about it. He’s even brushing up on classic Philly sports cinema.

What Revere will soon learn is we don’t care what movies he watches, whether or not he puts ketchup on a cheesesteak, or if he wants to brunch at IHOP. What we care about is the center fielder getting on base, causing havoc on the basepaths, and covering all of the outfield like a boss.

Thus far he’s been pretty solid at all of the above. Revere has gone 7-27 in the Phils’ first six games, scoring 4 times while knocking in 2 RBIs. He’s swiped three bags and has a slash line of .259 / .286 / .259. That’s a very Revere-like slugging percentage.

As you can see in the above video, he’s flashed the glove nicely as well. Your initial thoughts on the Phillies new leadoff man?