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Cole and Heidi Hamels Adopted a Baby From Ethiopia

Feb 7, 2013, 2:14 PM EDT

Courtesy of 6 ABC pun master Jeff Skversky, we learned that Cole and Heidi Hamels have adopted a baby from Ethiopia. This means young Caleb Michael and Braxton Grady now have another sibling to pal around with.

Cole has talked about his and Heidi’s desire to adopt in the past and it looks like the former World Series MVP followed through.

Ethiopia is a couple thousand miles from Malawi, where the Hamels foundation has done work in the past.

Look for the full story, including the family all dressed up eating in an empty restaurant, this evening on 6 ABC.

The Hamels also recently opened their new Foundation headquarters in the building that Bruce Springsteen once rocked out at, The Main Point, in Bryn Mawr 38 years ago this week. Check it out. And shout out to Mole from Manoa.