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Comment of the Week Sponsored By Misconduct Tavern

Oct 12, 2011, 2:54 PM EDT

This week's winner of a $40 gift card to Misconduct Tavern is...

This week’s Comment of the Week Sponsored by Misconduct Tavern comes from a post gauging the fans feelings on the end of the baseball season.

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This week’s winner of a $40 gift card to Misconduct Tavern comes from Adam B. who writes about his feelings on the awful Philly sports weekend:

Worst part of the weekend…


was watching RyHo go down. First, damn. You never want to see a guy
going down like that trying to bust his ass on a last-chance hit.
Second, the timing of it personified the Phils’ flailing effort through
much of this series. Third, any fan who ever wanted the Phillies to try
to get maximum value for him in a trade… yeah, try doing that even
when he comes off of rehab with essentially 1.5 wheels. The team needed a
backup plan for him, obviously, I’m not so sure they had one for