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Does It Matter Which Way You Wear Your Championship Ring?

Aug 17, 2011, 4:11 PM EDT

It’s a question I never once thought about, but after Harry Kalas’ shiny new statue was unveiled yesterday as Citizens Bank Park, the Internet folk have gone to war over it.

Which direction should your 2008 World Series Championship ring be worn? With the ‘P’ facing down when your hands are relaxed and standing? Or should the ‘P’ look normal in said situation?

Photo by pompomflipflop
world series ring on harry kalas statue

People on the Internet debate:

“Why did he make the ring upside down? Nobody would wear it like that, ” Mike commented.

“If you wear it the other way you’d be looking at an upside down logo your whole life. the ring is worn correctly,” another surmised.

“Nope. It’s supposed to be upside down to the person wearing it,” chimed another.

“really? a discussion on the ring? get a life people.”

“really? a comment on a discussion about a ring? get a life person.”

“really? a snarky comment to a reply about getting a life? pot, kettle, black.”

“Really, a snarky comment to a reply to a snarky comment to a reply to a comment about a ring? pot, kettle, black.”

And finally:

“You are!”

Now a blog post on a discussion.

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