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Friendly Reminder: Ben Revere and the Phillies Play at Citizens Bank Park Tonight

Mar 29, 2013, 12:16 PM EDT

Today marks the annual ritual of welcoming the Phillies back to South Philadelphia and a chance to explore what’s new at Citizens Bank Park this summer without really feeling guilty about skipping an inning or two of baseball while waiting in line for a donut. And it’s Ben Revere’s first time here! So you’ll want to give him a warm welcome, maybe a restaurant recommendation or two. He’s been asking.

Revere is something of an oversharer on Twitter. So you’ll get to know all sorts of things about him this year. Like where he had brunch and whether the grits were legit or not.

As for tonight’s action, it’ll be Cliff Lee facing the Toronto Blue Jays. That’s who they played yesterday. And who they play tomorrow. Paint the town red, baby.

Photo by Cavalier92