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Game Chat: Cover Your Eyes and Ears, the Phillies Are on This Afternoon

Jul 4, 2012, 12:29 PM EDT

Still two more games to go before the Phillies can make their escape from New York though.

Hope you’ve got a barbecue or somewhere to be to today, otherwise you might be tempted to witness a train wreck. That’s how it went down for the Phillies on Tuesday night anyway, as the Mets thumped them 11-1 — and it could have been a lot worse. No more analysis needed than that. They stink something awful right now.

Still two more to go before the club can make their escape from New York though. Your pitching matchups are below for the Independence Day matinee.

Cliff Lee (0-5, 4.13), what else is there really left to say? You can’t lose complete faith in the guy, because he’s battled periods in his career like this before. He’s prone to incredible streakiness, so a stretch of dominance always seems like it’s right around the corner for this guy. Hard to be confident at the moment though when he’s this close to reaching the break without a win.

The Mets call on Chris Young (2-1, 3.30). The former All Star has been battling injuries for years, but the Mets are hoping he is finally healthy. So far, so good through five starts this season, which is already the most he’s pitched since 2009. The Phillies saw the 6’10″ righthander twice last season, and did not fare well. Young was 1-0 and allowed one earned run over 12.1 innings of work.

Even if you don’t enjoy the Phillies, enjoy the holiday.