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Here’s Shane Victorino At Fenway Park Wearing a Red Sox Jersey

Dec 13, 2012, 3:18 PM EDT

I just keep looking at this photo and imagine Shane shouting, “Hey LOOK! There’s a GIANT green wall in the outfield!”

Alas, Shane Victorino was welcomed to Boston today and is now officially a member of the Red Sox organization.

He’s certainly not the first member of the 2008 WFC Philadelphia Phillies to move on to another team, and he did spend his fall with the Dodgers, but Shane in a Red Sox uniform just looks weird.

The Phillies don’t even play the Red Sox all that frequently but there is a bit of an East Coast rivalry between the two cities. So we can just say we don’t like it all that much and move along.

I still like Shane. I don’t care.


You can watch his presser video below: