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Herndon and Phils Have Had Better Nights

Sep 4, 2011, 12:54 AM EDT

Do you think David Herndon should walk the plank? Is he so bad you don't think he belongs on the playoff roster? Or have you forgotten his last 11 appearances?

It was a strange night for the Phillies ‘pen down in Florida on Saturday night. After Antonio Bastardo was handed a late lead — a situation which has typically translated into a Phils win — the stud setup man faltered a bit, walking two consecutive batters, and was quickly pulled by Charlie Manuel.

Cholly opted for David Herndon, who hadn’t let up a run in since way back on July 18th (that’s 11 appearances and 13.0 innings for those scoring at home) but his successful streak quickly came to an end.

It didn’t just came to an end, Herndon’s scoreless inning streak blew the hell up. The Hern Dog gave up 3 home runs and the game was over.

>>Herndon, Phillies’ bullpen blows game vs. Marlins [CSN]

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