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Hunter Pence Awestruck By Phillies Fans

Aug 4, 2011, 4:38 PM EDT

Hunter Pence was a guest on 610 WIP and gushes about the treatment he's received in Philadelphia.

Hunter Pence was a guest on 610 WIP this afternoon with Rob Ellis and the Jolly Man to talk about his undefeated first few days with the Phillies. My favorite part was when HP3 talked about what it’s been like to realize Philadelphia fans can be found all over the country when asked about how the fans have treated him.

“It was as warm a welcome… way more than I expected,” Pence said. “It gave me chills. I really wasn’t prepared to run out to the field and everyone be cheering. I was kind of in awe. I just gave them a wave of appreciation. ”

“Really, really just awestruck and ecstatic to be a part of this. I think I’m still walking on cloud nine today, even though we’re on the road. There are Phillies fans everywhere. I’ve never been on the road and feelin’ as much love in the right field stands as I did in Colorado. It still felt like home for some reason.” [audio below]

He goes on to say he’s feeling like a king in Philadelphia, loves the lunch box mentality of our city, and hopes to out-hustle the other team everyday.

To that, we say: win a championship and then see how *that* feels.


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