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Injured Shane Victorino Misses Philly, Made Trip Because He Wanted to See the Fans, Almost Drops a ‘No Questions Asked’

May 29, 2013, 6:17 PM EDT

source:  Shane Victorino will forever be a member of the 2008 WFC Philadelphia Phillies. There’s still a soft spot in all of our hearts for the hyper outfielder who now plays for the Boston Red Sox.

His departure wasn’t something many Philly fans got overly upset about — though some did — mostly because the Phillies were unlikely to re-sign him this past offseason so they dealt him to the Dodgers at the Deadline to help them compete for a title and because teams like the Sox were willing to pony up the kind of money Ruben Amaro Jr. simply wasn’t going to fork over for the Flyin’ Hawaiian.

That’s fine. But that doesn’t mean we have to totally dislike the guy simply because he plays for a different city now. Plus, he was a tremendous guy in the Philadelphia community with all of the work he’s done with the Boys and Girls Club among other places.

[From the Archives: Victorino's thank you in the Daily News]

And Shane feels similarly, noting yesterday that he made the trip to Philadelphia with his current team this week partly because he wanted to see us Philly fans.

Comcast SportsNet’s Jim Salisbury spoke with Victorino in Boston:

“I want to see the fans,” Victorino said in Boston on Tuesday. “I want to acknowledge them, show them that I appreciated playing in Philly all those years.” [...]

“I miss Philly, no question,” he said. “My teammates, we we’re like brothers. That never goes away. It was a great place to play, very special to me, and a great organization with great people top to bottom. Now I’m fortunate to be in another great baseball city with another great team. I’m blessed.”

So close to a “No Questions Asked!”

Welcome back to Philly, Shane. Hopefully you get a little better welcome than Papelbon in Boston.