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Larry Andersen’s Attempted Cotton Candy Robbery Falls Short

Apr 18, 2012, 3:07 AM EDT

The best part of Tuesday night's Phillies game was...

Not many highlights from the Phillies loss on Tuesday in San Francisco but clearly the most enjoyable half-inning of the game came when T-Mac and Wheels talked about Larry Andersen trying to steal cotton candy from a vendor only to have L.A. attempt a sugar swipe once again.

At least that was entertaining. The Phillies, not so much on Tuesday night. Joe Blanton does not reward those troopers who stay up late into the morning hours quite like Roy Halladay does. Heavy B wasn’t great but as Charlie pointed out after the game, Joe kept the Phils in it.

The sixth inning, when the Phils had the bases loaded with no outs and could only get one across the plate was the most frustrating sequence in an overall frustrating night.

Other nominees for most frustrating moment include Placido Polanco’s awful tag on a steal at third by Buster Posey which would lead to more runs being allowed. Chooch had Posey flat nailed but the tag was just bad and missed Posey’s hands entirely before they reached the bag. Polly’s 0-4 was also not enjoyable in any way.

For more on the game, check out Jim Salisbury’s full recap.

Phils fail to capitalize on chances in loss to Giants

Here’s Charlie on the lack of offense: