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Mets Fans Are Worried About Their Bullpen, But The Phils’ Has Been Worse

May 8, 2012, 1:39 PM EDT

The Mets bullpen shut down the Phillies on Monday night, but that doesn't mean Mets fans aren't worried.

Mets fans are worried about their bullpen. It was awful in 2011 and it’s been atrocious in 2012. The folks over at Amazin’ Avenue take an in-depth look at New York’s current bullpen situation and basically conclude that they’ve got a bunch of known commodities in the bullpen — known to be mediocre at best.

Here’s one potential angle I don’t think they addressed: perhaps they just haven’t played the Phillies enough this year to bring their bullpen numbers down?

The Phillies have scored 3 earned runs against the Mets bullpen over 10.1 innings this year, good for a 2.67 ERA. The Mets’ pen ERA overall is 4.57.

And if you want to feel even worse about all of this, the Phillies have the worst bullpen ERA in all of baseball at 4.86.

Savery 4.70… Herndon 4.70… Stutes 6.35… Schwimer 6.35… Contreras 9.53… Sanches 12.00

Happy Tuesday.

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