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Papelbon On Warming Up in Visitors’ Pen at CBP: ‘They May Know Your Kids Name, Your Wife’s Name’

Feb 23, 2012, 10:57 AM EDT

Papelbon sat down with Jim Salisbury and had some funny words about warming up in the visitor's pen at CBP.

We haven’t heard a lot about the Phillies pricey new closer, Jonathan Papelbon, in the first few days of spring training down in Clearwater but he did sit down with Jim Salisbury recently and shared his thoughts on being excited about pitching in front of the Citizens Bank Park faithful while wearing a Phillies uniform.

My favorite soundbite from the former Red Sox closer was about the fans above the bullpen out in Ashburn Alley. [video below]

“It’s different than any other stadium, I will say that. They’re definitely on you,” Papelbon said. “They know your name. They may know your kid’s name, your wife’s name, and everybody you know. The fans are very smart and that’s what I enjoy about Philadelphia.”

Way to do your research, Philly fans! You sick, sick people.

Here’s a more in-depth look of Papelbon adjusting to his new team: