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Phillies Honor Owners Whip and Jim Buck With ‘B’ Patch on 2011 Uniforms

Apr 4, 2011, 4:10 PM EDT

In seasons past, particularly those preceding the Phillies’ 2008
World Series win, the somewhat anonymous feel of the team’s ownership
group was a source of contention among Phillies fans. That has since
lifted due to the gorgeous ballpark now standing in South Philly, the
string of NL East pennants the team has raised, and the parade following
the aforementioned championship. However, most fans still do not know
the names of most members of the Phillies ownership group, a fact that
will change posthumously for two of them—brothers Alexander K. “Whip”
Buck and J. Mahlon “Jim” Buck.

You probably noticed the black patch on the left chest above the
Phillies logo in yesterday’s season opener. The patch is a white script
“B” on black, and it will be worn throughout the 2011 season.

It’s a nice gesture by the team to thank and honor two of their own, men
who helped give us the memories of the past several decades, even in
the lean years. It’s also a great honor the families they left behind,
who will get to see their lasting imprint on whatever the Phillies do in
2011. If all goes well, that patch could become immortal. I mean, just look at this.