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PSA: Von Hayes Has Joined Twitter

Mar 21, 2013, 11:28 AM EDT

Former Phillie Von Hayes is something of a fan favorite / legend around these parts so it was with great joy that we learned he was on Twitter last night.

When last we checked in with Mr. Five-for-One he was getting handsy with an umpire as manager of the Camden River Sharks. Also, he had a boat that blew up once, or something.

So what’s Von up to today? According to his Twitter bio:

“Spending time in the suburbs of Chicago. 1989 All-Star, spent 12 years
in the big leagues. Still doing some managing. Enjoying life.”

Of course Von Hayes is enjoying life. He’s Von Hayes. Mr. Hayes is also up for voting on the Phillies Wall of Fame this year.

And here’s something I’ve always wanted to type: you should follow Von Hayes.

UPDATED to add: