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Since We Haven’t Heard from Jimmy in a While: Rollins Says East Still Rolls Through Philly

Nov 13, 2012, 12:56 PM EDT

First off, if anyone doubted Jimmy Rollins brings the swagger all year round, just check out that fedora.

Now that we’ve got the important fashion proppers out of the way, we can move along to business. Jimmy Rollins still thinks the NL East rolls through Philadelphia.

The above video is from J-Roll’s “A Night in Paris” event at the Constitution Center last night in Philadelphia with proceeds benefiting the Jimmy Rollins Family Foundation and an organization to prevent child abuse.

“It still runs through Philly,” Rollins said. “[Washington] had one year
to win it. It was just like when the Mets took it from Atlanta, it was
still up for grabs. I’m sure Atlanta felt it was still theirs, but
fortunately we were able to come in and take it the next five years.”

And he thinks if they’re healthy in 2013, it’s Philly’s time to shine once again.

“Everyone’s a little angry,” Rollins said, “which is good to get a chip
on your shoulder and just go back out there and prove that this is still
our division, but not only that, but that we’re still World Champions.”

Angry is good.

Happy about hoisting a pennant is better. Make it happen.

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