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The Phillies Have a Bunch of New Sweet Commercials

Mar 8, 2012, 11:22 AM EDT

The Phillies posted seven new commercials that will get you pumped up for 2012. Watch them all here.

The Phillies organization thinks they can just throw clips together of Phillies stars like Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay playing baseball mixed in with gratuitous shots of cheesesteaks, hot dogs, luscious green grass, statues of Harry Kalas, fans waving rally towels, even the Phanatic lacing up his over-sized sneakers, etc., and use it to get us totally pumped up for the 2012 baseball season that will descend upon South Philadelphia in the next few weeks.

They’d be totally right, of course. Here are seven of the new commercials praising the coming of spring.

The Phanatic is ready…

And six more new Phillies commercials below.

America’s Pastime. This one features a bit of the Harry Kalas statue and cheesesteaks.

Rally towels!

Geeks like scorecards.

Let’s go eat!

People go to Phillies games with people they know and often like.

The smell of hot dogs and fear (CLIFF LEE PITCHES FOR US!)… it must be spring:

Which one is your favorite?