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The Tattoo of the Phanatic High-Fiving Greenman is Fantastic

Feb 14, 2012, 11:34 AM EDT

Sweet tattoo of the Phillie Phanatic high-fiving greenman of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame.

You’d think it would take a pretty die-hard Philadelphia Phillies fan to get a tattoo of the Phillie Phanatic high-fiving greenman of It’s Always Sunny fame. The man with the tattoo you’re looking at, Benjamin Christensen, doesn’t fit that bill exactly. He’s actually an Oakland A’s fan but certainly is a gigantic baseball fan in general.

Big League Stew’s Answer Dave caught up with Christensen to try and figure out why he has mascots and/or logos from all 30 teams in baseball tattooed across his ribs. The best part of it all are the little nuances to many of the pieces, like the Boston Red Sox’s Wally getting totally Bucknered or the Baltimore Oriole holding a Billy Ripken bat.

You can Dave Brown’s conversation with Christensen at Big League Stew or check out his blog at Beard To Be Feared.

We do feel bad for him, however, since he had to get that awful Rockies dinosaur Dinger tattooed on him as well.