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Them’s Fightin Sounds: Franzke and LA Call the Phillies-Giants Brawl

Aug 6, 2011, 10:35 AM EDT

Audio of the radio call from the Philadelphia Phillies-San Francisco Giants fight, synced to the video.

Fight videos usually win out over fight audio, and last night’s melee between the Phillies and Giants is no exception. But that doesn’t make the Franzke & LA call any less awesome. Via @PhilliesDoll, here’s a listen to their call of the whole event:
  Brouhaha by PhilliesDoll
Got a couple IMs to answer there, girl!

Update: But wait, there’s more! Here’s that audio synced up to video, courtesy of SportsGrid:
Click here to see the video with the Giants call by comparison.

Unfortunately, not every Philly radio guy was as good as Franzke and LA. Tony Bruno apparently tweeted, “gutless bastard Giants. Bochy is a coward for having his illegal alien pitcher hit a guy.”

Bruno quickly deleted the tweet and apologized, somewhat unapologetically, on his facebook:

I did remove my post and apologize for my comments regarding illegal aliens. I was angry and on the air and I stand behind my comments that Bruce Bochy is a coward, as are all managers who order pitchers to throw at guys just because their pitchers can’t get a guy out. All of you people resorting to name calling are more classless and vile.

Of course, you can’t untweet that which stirs the ire of the masses, especially if the ensuing apology re-directs blame at critics.