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This Is Probably What Roy Hobbs’ Balls Looked Like

Apr 3, 2013, 12:26 PM EDT

Here’s a pretty neat photo project titled simply “Baseballs” from photographer Don Hamerman. He started collecting old baseballs from walks he’d take with his dog near a local ball field where he lives in Connecticut.

According to the PetaPixel website:

After years of finding and collecting old baseballs, Hamerman began
photographing them in his studio starting in 2005. The images are not
manipulated in any way, and they show how differently baseballs can end
up after countless whacks of the bat.

You can check out more photos at PetaPixel or check out Hamerman’s photo website here.

And a friendly reminder that you can watch the full The Natural movie right here online.

[h/t @tomfiner]