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Utley to Rehab in Arizona; Phils Final Preseason Tune Up

Apr 3, 2012, 5:59 PM EDT

Chase Utley will leave the team for the start of the season to rehab with a specialist in Arizona.

Ruben Amaro Jr. spoke with reporters in South Philadelphia tonight prior to the Phillies final preseason tune up against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Most notably, he updated the status of Chase Utley, who will leave the team to go rehab with a specialist in Arizona.

“He’s been progressing pretty well, but he has to build on the
progression,” Amaro said. “He’s gonna go back and see Brett Fischer in
Arizona and then he’s gonna meet the club when we go out there, to the
West Coast. I’m not sure quite how long he’s going to be there, but it’s
kind of more intensive one-on-one work.”

Chase will start the season on the DL along with Ryan Howard, Jose Contreras, Justin DeFratus, and Michael Martinez.

For more on the Phillies opening day roster as well as injury updates, check out John Finger’s report from the ball park this evening.

If you’re heading down to CBP, look for many of the players roaming the ball park as they did last night.

Real thing starts Thursday.