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Victorino Belts Homer After Getting Hit by a Pitch in Same At Bat

Apr 21, 2012, 12:57 PM EDT

Shane Victorino got hit by a pitch last night but the ump stopped him from trotting to first, saying he didn't get out of the way. What happened next was even better.

Shane Victorino had a little Chase Utley in him when he kinda-sorta-maybe leaned into a pitch thrown right at him during last night’s win over the San Diego Padres. In a strange decision you don’t see all that often, the umpire actually stopped Shane from jogging down to first base, saying that he failed to make any attempt to get out of the way of the pitch.

Shane didn’t really appear to put up much of an argument, but did have some seemingly mocking fun with the ump while acting like he was hit in the foot on the next pitch.

A few pitches later, Shane makes everything better by ripping a homer into the stands in left.

“I guess he’s glad he didn’t get that hit-by-pitch,” Larry Andersen observes.

I guess so, L.A.

You can watch the amusing and eventually awesome at-bat here complete with commentary from the Philadelphia TV crew, Philly radio crew, and the Padres call of it as well.

[video: Shane Victorino gets hit by pitch then hits home run in same at-bat]

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