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Watch: Jonathan Papelbon the Smooth Talker and Chooch with the Nerves

Jul 11, 2012, 12:28 PM EDT

Papelbon buttering up to Tony La Russa after the game.

The three Phillies who represented the National League in last night’s All-Star Game all performed their jobs pretty damn well. Cole Hamels and Jonathan Papelbon helped toss a combined shutout for the NL squad and Chooch called a solid game and even handled the knuckleball just fine.

Following the win, Leslie Gudel caught up with the trio to talk about their performances. Jonathan Papelbon used the opportunity to butter up to Tony La Russa while Chooch admitted he was a bit nervous. [video below]

If only the Phillies regular season would go as smoothly… All Ruben has to do is figure out to stock his bullpen full of All-Stars in the next three weeks.