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Freddy Adu Was Nasty On Sunday, Then the Ref Told Him to Go Sit in the Stands

May 14, 2012, 6:06 PM EDT

Freddy Adu was having the best game of his Union career on Sunday. Then the ref told him to go sit in the stands.

Freddy Adu was a pleasure to watch for 42 minutes on Sunday at PPL Park in Chester. Aside from an early sloppy tackle which he was booked for, Adu was playing magnificently. He was working defenders and set up the Union’s first goal on a wonderful cross. Then the referee decided to end all of our fun and called Adu for a very, very questionable dive inside the box which had Adu seeing red, thus ending what was the best day of his Union career.

The nutmeg by the endline was straight nasty.