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Rome Soccer Thugs with ‘knives, brass knuckles, belts and iron bars’ Make Philly Sports Fan Look Like Mother Theresa

Nov 26, 2012, 12:18 PM EDT

There’s fans throwing down with some fisticuffs at a football game and then there are European soccer hooligans planning anti-Semetic attacks on opposing team’s fans. A trio of local college kids studying abroad got caught up in an awful scene in Rome over the weekend.

The Daily News’ Bill Bender has the story:

The Telegraph said the attack at The Drunken Ship pub was
“meticulously planned” by up to 50 Italian “ultras” armed with knives,
brass knuckles, belts and iron bars. The pub, located in Rome’s Campo de
Fiori square, is popular among expatriates and foreign students, the
British newspaper reported.

That’s just stupid.

It sounds like the Swarthmore kids will be okay, but this goes to show you to never trust anyone whose last name ends in a vowel who also cares too much about sports.

>>Rome Soccer Thugs attack Swarthmore trio [Daily News]


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