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Union Unveil New 2012 Primary Kits

Nov 22, 2011, 4:31 PM EDT

The Philadelphia Union unveiled their new kits for the 2012 season. They're certainly a different shade of blue.

The Philadelphia Union released their new primary and secondary kits for the 2012 season this afternoon. My first impression is that they seem a bit busier than the previous uniforms. The added accent lines take away some from the classic feel of the old kits, which I enjoyed. That classic look that defined their originals, particularly the blue, is absent here, with a trend much more toward the modern.

They’re not necessarily bad, but a dramatic departure. And you know how people always feel about change upon first seeing it.

What are your initial feelings on the new color scheme and jersey design? [video below]

Here’s a screen cap from the below video which makes the shades of blue appear a bit different than the photo above.


The description from the Union’s official site:

The new primary jersey is inspired by the club’s first primary
jersey, maintaining a navy blue base with a gold center stripe. The new
version features thicker signal blue piping, as well as a center stripe
that extends to the collar and narrows as it reaches the bottom.

The new secondary jersey is a complete variation from the original
gold secondary jersey, featuring a signal blue base and a white center
stripe flanked by gold piping.

And just a reminder: unlike most of the teams we’re used to following, the MLS clubs change unis every two seasons or so. Change is the norm, not a paradigm shift.