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5 Hours & 22 Minutes for Naught

May 24, 2006, 12:56 AM EDT

I watched some of it on, I followed some of it on MLB Gamecast, I had someone attempt to give me play by play over the phone, and I heard the end of it on MLB audio.  Ryan Madson came in to do some long relief and did an impressive job.  But if you throw enough pitches, Madson threw 105 in relief, eventually one is going to get smacked.  Carlos Beltran hit a bomb in the bottom of the 16th inning to give the Mets the win.  It’s a tough loss and just another kick in the teeth to the Phillies and their fans.  The Phillies had the game within grasp before Ryan Franklin came in to blow a comfortable 3 run lead in the 8th.  Billy Wagner made his first appearance against his former squad and pitched a shutout inning.  It’s been a tough stretch for the Fightins.

It’s exhausting being a Phillies fan, but it is a long summer.

Wednesday’s game puts the great young arm of the Phillies Cole Hamels against the Mets great young import Alay Soler.