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610 WIP on your Cell

May 1, 2006, 2:14 PM EDT

Need more nitwits and dopes in your life?  Can’t get enough of Angelo and Eskin?  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that you will soon be able to listen to 610 WIP on your cell phone:

CBS Corp. and Clear Channel Communications Inc. have cut deals with mobile-phone content provider MSpot Inc. to get some of their biggest sports stations onto mobile phones. The stations will be available to Sprint subscribers with Mspot-compatible phones who pay an additional $5.95 per month for the MSpot sports package.

Um.. $5.95 a month to listen to crappy sports talk on your cell phone?  Sounds like a brilliant business model.  Aren’t these the same minds that came up with Free FM?

Clear Channel will make eight sports stations available, including Detroit, Houston and Washington, D.C., stations. CBS will provide Chicago’s WSCR, New York’s WFAN, and Philadelphia’s WIP. MSpot’s sports package already includes Sporting News radio stations and celebrity sports interviews, news flashes, and interviews with athletes and other big sports personalities.

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