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A picture of Manute Bol swimming and another of Larry Brown coaching an ABA game in denim overalls

Jan 15, 2014, 12:46 PM EDT

We’ll actually do this in reverse order of the headline. Both of these pictures come from, which mined them from Sports Illustrated’s archive.


First up is a 35-year-old Larry Brown. The year is 1975 and Brown is the head coach of the ABA’s Denver Nuggets. The NBA and ABA would not merge until 1976. These denim overalls would not go out of style until …

Forget that. He should be coaching his 11-4 SMU team in the same outfit today. Brown and the Mustangs come to Philly on Feb. 16.

Separate but related, it’s hard to imagine there were times these two guys didn’t get along.


I guess the better point would be that the picture of Brown coaching in overalls was taken the same year Iverson was born. Imagine what they’d do 26 years later.

Goofy as the overalls are, I’ve been looking at this picture over and over again the last two days.


7-foot-7 Manute Bol doing literally anything is a photo opportunity.

The picture is from 1990. I prefer to believe it’s from aboard a Caribbean cruiseliner.

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