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A Weekend in South Philly Part 1

Aug 28, 2005, 2:11 PM EDT

Eaglesbuffettand1In a 24 hour period over the weekend I was in all 3 of the major venues in South Philly.  I got hooked up with a ticket to watch the Eagles preseason home opener Friday night and went to the And1 Mixtape Tour at the Wachovia Center followed by sitting on the field at Citizen’s Bank Park rocking it out to Jimmy Buffett on Saturday night.

I was at the Linc with perfect seats at the 45 yard line, Eagles’ side, the perfect spot to see Terrell Owens catch a great pass from Donovan Mcnabb on the opening play; unfortunately, I was buying a beer.  Horrible.  I heard the cheers at least.  This seems to happen to me a lot.   The game in which Jim Thome hit his 400th home run last season, I was walking through the turnstile when the crowd erupted.

So Terrell was never really booed.  He never gave the fans a chance to do so.  Who would have thought he would take the first play of the game for six?  Not surprisingly, Donovan and T.O. showed no sign of celebration together.  Donovan was looking out for T.O. when he got tackled in a questionable horse-collar tackle.

The Eagles looked tremendous in the first half and gave the fans a lot to be excited about this year.  Donovan hit three different receivers for a TD including a nice effort by rookie Reggie Brown.  Cinci’s offense was completely shutdown by a great showing from the Eagles.

To continue with all things Owens, T.O. was excused from today’s Eagle’s carnival

Posts about And1 and Jimmy Buffett at Citizen’s Bank Park coming later.  Phone cam pic after the jump.


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