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A.I. Headlines

Feb 14, 2006, 12:57 PM EDT

A headline from CBS Sportsline.

A.I. deal not likely until you’re able to say T.G.I.F.

Holy shit! So… not until Friday?!? Is that actually a real news site?  Not one of those shitty web log things?  I wonder if we could get Urkel in an Iverson deal.

>>Iverson’s become quite popular:

Top Athletes: We Have   ”The Answer”
Allen Iverson made his way to the top spot for athlete searches, but
galloping just behind him was Barbaro – the Kentucky Derby winner that
had a shot at the Triple Crown prior to his career-ending injury. Other
top athlete searches this year include favorites such as: 3) Michael
Jordan; 4) David Beckham and 5) Tiger Woods.

Another: Iverson and Shaq? or Iverson and Kobe? [NBC10]

Could you imagine the trio of Shaq, Wade, A.I.   Sick.

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