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A.J. Feeley Seems To Have A Stalker

May 5, 2009, 3:13 PM EDT

One of A.J. Feeley's neighbors, Ayesha Muzaffar, has been charged with stalking and harassing him. Dan Gross has the details:

Sources tell us Muzaffar is believed to have stuffed sexually charged
notes under Feeley's door in the Metro Club Condos (201 N. 8th). Asked
if the harassment was of a sexual nature, Police Sgt. Ray Evers
said he "can't get into all that." Evers, who wouldn't confirm that
Feeley was the complainant, said the notes were not "sports- related."

That Ayesha, she aint worth the while, so I passed her a lollipop and a letter. Told her "so let's keep this a secret. Now remember Ayesha, only you can keep it." Pee-ace.