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Andre Miller sounds thrilled to be a Sixer

Mar 3, 2008, 6:27 PM EDT

Sixers PG Andre Miller was a guest on the Jody Mac show this evening on 950 WPEN.  A couple of minutes into the interview, I was debating with myself whether or not he was THEE worst interview of all-time, or just Top 5.  Then, outta nowhere, he became interesting.

After an introduction and the requisite basketball talk, Jody MacDonald started asking a subdued, sidetracked Andre (his hotel phone kept ringing) about his contract situation, his desire to stay with the team and feelings on Philadelphia.  He didn’t sound too enthusiastic…

Jody Mac:  Have you or your agent talked to the Sixers at all about doing a possible contract extension?

Andre Miller:  No.

JM: Do you want to?

AM:  I don’t know, it’s too early to worry about that stuff right now.

JM:  If it were me, I’d at least start thinking about it.

Do you enjoy it here in Philly?  Do you like it here in Philly?  Do you wanna stay here in Philly?

AM: Well, you know I’m a west coast boy so.. ya know.. I mean, Philly’s alright, ya know, as long as I got a job, I’m happy.

JM: (laughing) As long as the check shows up on the 15th & 30th, right?

AM: Exactly.

A wise man once said, "As long as somebody ‘CTC,’ at the end of the day I’m with them."   Still, you’d like to see a player be a tad more excited about playing in Philly than, "It’s alright."

Hear it for yourself, after the jump.