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Andrew Unterberger

Jul 6, 2009, 2:43 PM EDT

Andrew is a suburban Philadelphia ex-patriate currently baiting Met
fans on the streets of New York. After graduating from NYU, he answered
questions about what he wanted to do with his life with the response
“get paid to stay at home and watch TV,” a dream he has since come
dangerously close to realizing. Following in the proud footsteps of his
father, who attended many a Spectrum home game during the 76ers’
legendary 9-73 season, he started writing for The 700 Level during the
Sixers’ magical ’09 post-season run, and looks forward to covering
their first-round playoff exits for many years to come. He appreciates
that The 700 Level affords him an opportunity to put his journalism
degree to good use, without making him subscribe to MLA format or talk
to people on the phone.

When not uncovering forgotten chapters in Philly sports history or
bemoaning Willie Green’s 2-11 shooting nights, Andrew writes about Hype
Williams music videos, 90s teen movies and the societal significance of
the ShamWOW! at Intensities in Ten Suburbs.

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